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Membership and Visitor Fees

Membership and Membership Categories

The Limpsfield Club is a members club, with any profits going back into the club facilities.
We offer four levels of membership as detailed below. All memberships are subject to a joining fee. Court fees are applicable to some activities:

  • Outdoor: Tennis, Squash , Racketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Social

  • Indoor: Squash, Racketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Social

  • Table Tennis: Table Tennis and Social

  • Social: Social membership giving access to club house and club events

If you wish to apply for membership, please download the forms below, complete and send to The Limpsfield Club at the address shown above right with a cheque or direct debit mandate for the correct amount.


Payment can be made in instalments by Direct Debit as part of a twelve month membership.


Membership Agreement.pdf
Direct Debit Mandate.pdf
Membership Terms and Conditions.pdf


Joining and Subscription Fees

You can join The Limpsfield Club at any time during the year and your subscription fee is pro-rata depending on the category of membership and when you join during the year.

The joining fees shown below are a maximum. In fact there are many special offers during the year. Please contact the club manager Nick Jones at for this month's offer.


Annual Subscription rates for 2020/2021 as at 01/04/2020

Category Joining
Adult £80 £465
Joint £160 £790
Family 3+ £160 £909(max)
U26 (18-25) £60 £186
Junior(12-17) - £139
Junior (5-11) - £70
Under 5 Free
Category Joining
Adult £60 £227
Joint £120 £403
Family 3+ £120 £490(max)
U26 (18-25) £40 £96
Junior(12-17) - £70
Junior (5-11) - £70
Under 5 Free
Category Joining
Adult £60 £376
Joint £120 £681
Family 3+    
U26 (18-25) £60 £376*
Junior(12-17) - £376*
Junior (5-11)    
Under 5  
Category Joining
Adult £40 £103 £45
Joint £80 £175 £76
Family 3+ £80 £190(max) £90
U26 (18-25) £20 £42 £22
Junior(12-17) - £32 £12
Junior (5-11) - £20 Free
Under 5 Free


Court Fees:

  • Tennis floodlights - £6.60 an hour (from 3.30 pm daily)
  • Squash and racketball - £2.80* court fee per person (free to under 18's playing on courts 3-6)
  • Badminton and table tennis - £5.60** hall fee if pre-booking
  • Guest Fees - £6 Adults £4 under 18's (maximum 5 visits per year)



These are calculated against the adult rate:
Joints:               15% Discount (i.e Total of adult x2 less 15%)
Family +3:         as Joints but with a further 5% Discount per child added
Under 26:          60% Discount
Junior 12 - 17: 70% Discount
Junior 5 - 11:   85% Discount


This is also an optional add-on to your Outdoor or Indoor memberships for an additional £149 a year.
*Under 26 and 12-17 Gym-Lite members get full access to all the club facilities - outdoor and indoor.
*All Gym-Lite memberships are offered to 14 - 17 year olds at the Club's discretion and must have a personal programme designed prior to use.
The price enables access to "Outdoor" facilities

Life Members, Loan Members and Bondholders DO NOT PAY a subscription.


Visitor Policy and Fees

As a member you may bring visitors (including your own family who are not members of the club) to play at The Limpsfield Club, however we request that the same guest only plays on a maximum of five occasions, after which we would expect them to join as a member. On each occasion a guest plays at the club, a fee of £6 per adult or £4 per junior is payable. This applies whatever category of membership, or age you are. We respectfully ask that as a member you ensure this happens.


Corporate Membership

We can offer corporate membership rates. For more information please contact The club manager on 01883 714079.


Advertising and Sponsorship

There are opportunities for interested parties to advertise or provide sponsorship at the club and on our website. Please contact The club manager on 01883 714079 to discuss.


Special offers are now available


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