Club Rules


Please take the time to familiarise yourself with The Limpsfield Club rules, management structure, bye laws and safeguarding policy:

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Visitor Policy

Members may bring guests (including your own family who are not club members) to play at The Limpsfield Club. Guests, however, can play only five times a year. After that, to play again, they must join the club.


Every time a guest plays, a visitor fee of £6 for adults and £4 for juniors must be paid.


Members must ensure the visitor fee is paid before play.



Non-members can book coaching at the club but will have to pay a visitor fee on each occasion (as detailed above) as well as the coaching fee. To play again after five visits they must join the club.


Junior Squad Coaching

Junior squad coaching is available to non-members. However, there is a visitor fee of £24 payable per term in addition to the coaching fee. After the initial term, to continue playing juniors must join the club. This will allow them to take part in junior club sessions and tournaments.