Gym-Lite Membership


Gym-Lite is an optional add-on to Core or Outdoor memberships


Core membership allows you to play squash, racketball, badminton, table-tennis but not tennis.

Outdoor membership includes Core and additionally tennis.

   Outdoor membership per year: £465 Outdoor membership plus Gym-Lite:£604
   Core membership per year: £237 Core membership plus Gym-Lite:£376


There is a minimum charge of £376 per year to all 14 to 26 year olds providing a full "Outdoor-Lite" membership.

Note - Gym-Lite memberships are offered to 14-17 year olds at the club's discretion and must have a personal programme designed prior to use.


Payment may be made yearly, quarterly or in installments under direct debit as part of a twelve month membership.