Tennis Court Booking and Floodlights

Playing tennis by floodlights at The Limpsfield Club

Our tennis courts are open 365 days a year, and we operate a turn up and play policy - we do not take court bookings except for:

  • Floodlight usage (courts 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 only - see below for booking instructions for these seven courts)

  • Inter-club team matches

  • Club Tournament matches

  • County or Tandridge postal tournament matches

To book a court for a match please contact the office on 01883 714079.


 Certain court priorities do apply at the Club:

  • All courts are available for free play on a first come, first served basis, please see tennis section club byelaws for specific details (e.g. doubles have priority over singles) subject to booked team and tournament matches, club sessions and coaching requirements all of which have priority.

  • Any booked matches that are displayed on the whiteboard adjacent to the clubhouse entrance.

  • Courts 1, 2, 3 (and occasionally 4 and 5) are used for junior tennis coaching. During the winter months junior coaching takes place under floodlights where they have priority until 6.30pm Mon - Fri as required.

  • Floodlight court bookings on courts 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 (from 3.30pm-9.30pm Mon-Sun)

Floodlight Court Booking

  • Any "Outdoor" member can book and use a floodlit court (subject to court priorities/tennis byelaws).

  • Bookings can be made from 3.30am on Monday mornings by the computerised booking system either online or in the clubhouse. Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance.

  • At peak times (Mon, Tue & Wed 6.30-9.30pm) the maximum time bookable is 1.5 hours per court per person.  At other times the maximum time bookable is 2 hours per court per person. Ideally we try for an 'early' and 'late' 1.5 hour booking each evening to enable as many members to play as possible.

  • Bookings cost £1 for every ten minutes and this will be debited to the person who made the booking via ClubSys.
    In the event of adverse weather, the booking system allows for only the time actually used to be debited.

  • Priority will be given to members requiring courts to play tournament matches, and for junior coaching Mon-Fri up to 6.30pm.

Floodlight Activation.

The courts must be activated on the day of play, even though booked. This is to allow for non-use due to bad weather.

  • Logon via touch screens in the Club house.
  • A window appears...Press the button "Floodlights"
  • A question is asked... "Put floodlights on?" Touch the "Yes" button
  • The lights will come on at the start time of your booking.
  • If the weather is too bad to play at your "start time", you can turn the lights on when it improves.
  • Equally, if you come off because of bad weather, go to the touch screens, Logon, Click your booking. Click "Floodlights", Click "Turn lights off.


  • A booking will be void if at least one person is not present within 10 minutes of the start of the booking. The court may then be used by anyone else.

  • Members must vacate the court immediately their booked period has run out if the next user is present.

Cancellations and No-Shows

  • If a court is booked and then not used, a fee of twice the session cost will be charged. This is intended to dissuade people from making a booking which they are not sure they can keep thereby denying the court for others.

  • Cancellations are not acceptable unless made 24 hours before the booking.


  • A blue warning light will flash when there is only five minutes of time left on each courts' timer.

  • If the lights are allowed to go out, there is a ten-minute automatic delay before they can be switched on again. If this is allowed to happen there is no allowance for time lost

  • If still in use, the lights will be turned off automatically at 9.30pm (this is a planning requirement).