Sporty Tots and Racket Skills


Sport Tots - For ages 2¾ to rising 5's

At no other point will children learn so many physical skills as they do in the first 5 years of life! The benefits of young children being physically active go way beyond just the physical benefits.
Research shows that being physically active helps with the development of: Motorskills of balance, movement and co-ordination.
Strong bones, muscles and heart. Maintaining a healthy weight. Social skills - how to interact, take turns.
As well as developing their self confidence, establishing good habits for being active, developing important brain structures and developing communication skills of solving problems, making decisions and listening skills.

Sporty Racket Skills - For ages 4 and 5

For children aged 4 and 5 (reception year) bridging the gap between Sporty Tots and the coaching of each individual sport.
The introduction of using bats and rackets whilst still a big emphasis on improving on hand/eye, hand/foot co-ordination, mobility, balance, control, body strength and spatial awareness.
The sessions are dedicated to improve the children's self esteem and confidence, establishing good habits for being active, developing important brain structures, developing communication, social and team work skills, making decisions, solving problems and listening skills.

All these skills can be achieved while having fun in a safe environment at The Limpsfield Club.

Sporty Tots and Sporty Racket Skills take place on Mondays at The Sports Hall in The Limpsfield Club.

Max 8 children per class. Run by Janet Spicer, ex international sports player.

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For further information please contact Janet Spicer on 07792 396035