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The Bar

Members will be able to sit within the Bar/Clubhouse area in bubbles of no more than six or in a group of up to two households.

Please use the designated sitting ‘pod’ areas provided and only one person to place orders with the Bar for drinks/food.

Light snacks (toasted sandwiches & Jacket potatoes) homemade cakes will be available with the kitchen open from midday until 6pm. Evening hot food may be provided if it is pre-booked – please liaise with Kate, Bar Manager.

Also from 17th you will be able to come down to the club for ‘Traditional Afternoon Tea’ (Kate will send you the flyer in the next mass email) - this is also on a pre-bookable basis only.

From 12th June we are starting ‘Saturday Brunches’ (hot food all day) with Kelli and Kate cooking these all day… if this takes-off we will introduce a Sunday.

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